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Gold has always been the choice of investment, especially to act as a hedge against inflation. Have you ever thought of investing in gold where you need not worry about security and storage, need not worry about hopping to the stores, need not worry about the quality as well? Well, with digital gold this makes the entire process more transparent and seamless.

Digital Gold refers to the virtual investment in yellow metal without having to physically hold the gold, with much more convenience and flexibility, where you can invest in 24K gold at live market rate and have the gold redeemed at any point of time you wish to.

So, are you planning to invest in digital gold but are uncertain about the benefits and risks involved? In that case you have come to the right place as we are going to walk you through why you should invest in digital gold -

1. Secure Investment: When you buy gold digitally, equal worth of gold is backed up by physical gold and is secured by the vault, thereby ensuring investment’s security at all times.

2. Purchase Gold in small amounts: You don’t need to invest in a lump sum unlike physical gold, digital gold allows you to invest in any amount you like.

3. Access to live market price: While investing in digital gold, you have access to the live market rate without having to pay any extra charges.

4. Easy Liquidity: While Gold as an investment instrument is preferred owing to the easy liquidity it offers, digital gold is even more liquid. You can sell or redeem it at the live market rate that is the same across the country.

5. No Storage Cost: Digital gold allows you to store your purchased gold in a vault with no additional cost.