Terms And Conditions Of Digi Gold Samriddhi Plan


myDigiGold Samriddhi Plan (Systematic Purchase Plan) is a disciplined accumulation of Digital Gold. It enables the customer to buy e-gold of a certain amount every month and accumulate Gold at monthly intervals at a "Live Rate".


To start the Systematic Purchase Plan (SPP), the customer needs to register/login into his/her myDigiGold account, click on `SPP` and fill in all the mandatory details. Upon successfully submission of the Online SPP application, the customer shall get a confirmation via SMS/Email.


The EMI payment amount shall be deducted by ECS mode.


The customer can start their SPP with the minimum EMI amount of Rs. 500 per month and choose any amount in multiples of Rs.500. The maximum amount of each EMI is Rs.10,000 per month.


You can buy, sell and redeem from as a separate transaction as well, which can be exclusive from your existing Digi Gold Samriddhi Plan.


The customer gets an option to choose any date (within the date of SPP application submission till the same date of the next month) for the SPP billing cycle. For example, if the customer submits the SPP application on 7th October and selects the SPP cycle date as 12th of each month, then the SPP will initiate on 12th October.


One cannot change the amount of their Digi Gold Samriddhi Plan, tenure or cycle date once the request is submitted. To make any changes, one has to terminate the existing SPP and register for a new one. There are currently no charges involved for doing the same.


A customer can have multiple myDigiGold Samriddhi Plans with multiple tenures and cycle dates. The process is hassle-free via monthly auto-debit through debit card, credit card or UPI.


The Registered Customer can request for termination of his/her existing SPP by contacting the customer help desk. SPP will be terminated only upon completion of the current SPP cycle month. For e.g, if the customer has selected 15th of every month as his SPP cycle date and his SPP is active, and the customer decides to exit the SPP on 10th of the month, then the customer won’t be allowed to terminate the SPP as he/she needs to complete the SPP payment of the existing month and then terminate the same.


At the end of SPP tenure or on SPP termination, the customer may sell/redeem the Digital Gold at the prevailing day’s market live rate displayed on the MyDigiGold platform. Alternatively, the customer can request for termination of his/her current plan with us in which case the Digital Gold shall get sold or redeemed at the market live rate as per same day scenario.


In case one misses his/her monthly SPP instalment, the relevant month’s due payment shall stand as cancelled.


In this plan, every payment made by a customer would be treated as purchase by the customer and a proper Tax invoice would be raised against the same which you will receive through E-mail.


The SPP is neither a financial product nor a deposit scheme but a disciplined method of accumulating Digital Gold. MyDigiGold offers no investment advice or any assured returns while promoting the Digi Gold Samriddhi Plan.


In the event of any dispute or difference arising under these T&Cs, the matter shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of Kolkata High Court.