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After almost 2 years of hiatus due to the Covid outbreak, now comes the wedding rush with an innumerable number of planned and postponed wedding events. With more socially distant events and fewer attendees, the whole world has gone online, attending weddings virtually and even ordering and presenting gifts online. Even though wedding has evolved, the impulsive nature of Indians to give and receive gifts remains the same. Yes, In India, no wedding can ever be assumed without gold jewelleries. From exclusive to minimalistic as per the gifting budget, a piece of gold jewellery is considered the best and most luxury wedding gift in India. This is where comes the idea of Digital Gold presented by Senco where you can do your ideal gift hunting for the newly-wed couples from the comfort of your home. So, let's hear how and why you can gift gold in an all-new way via My Digi Gold -

Convenient Buying

No matter how many grams of gold you buy, it caters for the perfect wedding gift. But sometimes we are at fix, when gold is gifted physically in a few grams it might look too trivial to present. With Digital Gold, you don't need to worry about the physical appearance of the gold, nor do you have to visit the store or carry it. You can buy it from the comfort of your home or simply when you are heading to the venue.

Right Pricing

Buying and selling gold on a digital platform like My Digi Gold is more cost-effective as no additional cost like making charges is applicable. You can purchase or sell at competitive and live gold rates which makes it the best deal for buying and selling gold.

Free storage & Insurance

It is super safe to keep and use. No hassle of keeping it in the locker with extra charges. My Digi Gold provides you free secured storage for your precious treasure with a reputed custodian with 100% insurance coverage.

Purity Guaranteed

Since the deal takes place digitally, there won't be any difficulty in purity or designs. The golds are sourced from internationally reputed bullion dealers which offer you the standard 24K gold of 995 purity.

Easy Redemption

As easy to sell as easy to buy. The recipient can redeem their gifted digital gold any time at any of our 127+ Senco stores at live gold rates. Enjoy hassle-free transactions with a seamless shopping experience.