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Investment In 24K Digital Gold Is Easier Now With Digi Gold

Smart devices with everyone’s reach has led to the introduction of the digital world. From ‘work from home’ and ‘shop from home’ to learn from home, everything has transitioned to the online mode. Being digital is the new norm and almost everyone is aligning them to this. But when it comes to investing in 24K gold, people prefer visiting jewellery stores, check the physical product and then decide to go ahead with the purchase to ensure quality, authenticity and safety.

On the contrary, the young gen investors are influenced by logic and find more rational and convenient ways of investing in 24K gold. Well, keeping everything and every generation’s concern in mind Senco Gold and Diamonds has made investment in 24K digital gold of 995 purity easier, safer by introducing Digi Gold that ensures safe digital gold purchase for the investors.

Start trading in Digital Gold with the following steps -

  1. The initial step required to start investing in digital gold is to go to the website or application of senco digi gold i.e., mydigigold.
  2. Sign up with your mobile number and get the registration done.
  3. Once the registration is done you can decide the amount of gold or money you want to invest. You can invest in an amount as small as 0.05 gm and the maximum limit of purchase is 10 lacs per transaction.
  4. If digi gold price exceeds 2,00,000; you need to get your KYC done.
  5. Once the KYC and payment are done, you will get the virtual possession of 24K digital gold which will be stored in a safe custody in your account with a bonafide custodian.
  6. You can check your statement by clicking on portfolio statement links as online statements will be available all time.
  7. Later if you wish to sell the gold you can do it on the website or application at the live market rate or you can redeem or get the physical possession of gold from the store of Senco as well.

Gold has been a popular investment mode for ages. In the world of digitization, mydigigold is the safest, most secure and convenient way of investing in 24K digital gold with such a low amount. Since the transactions are online, the investment in gold requires no charges for making or storage unlike the buying of physical gold. So, make a hassle-free investment of 24K gold of 995 purity today with senco digi gold.