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My DiGi Gold: A Smart Buy for The New Age Investor to Make Durga Puja Auspicious

The great grand festival of Bengal is knocking the door, with everyone gearing up for a host of occasions in the coming few weeks. Buying gold during the festive season has become more of a tradition and is synonymous with occasions such as Durga puja, Dhanteras, Diwali etc. However, with changing times, traditions have changed too and buying gold is more than just about celebrating, it has become a form of investment too.

Traditionally, Gold is one of the best and safest investments to make, and physical gold is always a go-to option. However, there are other ways one can make a gold purchase this festive season, i.e. Digital Gold.

Digital Gold is a groundbreaking new way of investing in the yellow metal. As the name suggests, digital gold is a virtual way to purchase and invest in the gold without possessing it in your hands.

Online platform like mydigigold ensures lucrative deal of buying and digital gold from your own comfort zone with secure storage, safety and genuineness of the yellow metal you buy.

Purchasing digital gold online on a registered platform like makes it simple, safe and fast to buy gold for anyone. You can buy or sell gold online from anywhere, anytime and get the actual value of it.

You can easily invest in digital gold by -

  • Simply download the mydigigold app followed by registering your mobile number.
  • Check the live market rate of gold anytime.
  • You can buy as low as 0.05 g of gold at the live market rate without paying any extra charges.
  • Store it for as long as you want or you have the complete freedom to sell or redeem it at real time market price whenever desired.

Celebrate this Durga puja with Mydigigold and turn this festive season into an auspicious one by investing in digital gold that brings a host of advantages and creates value and wealth for your future.