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Gone are the days when the term ‘gold’ was used to be associated only with weddings in India. What if we say, the ornamental and aesthetic value is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits that gold offers? Well, India being the second largest consumer and also one of the largest markets of gold, we all are aware that gold serves as a valuable financial asset on account of being one of the most precious metals of all time. So, have you ever thought of generating wealth out of it? Although purchasing physical gold is the most prevalent and popular mode of investment, buying digital gold has been gaining traction lately owing to the multiple benefits of investing in gold.

Digital gold is a newly introduced gold buying option in India, whereby one can invest in and accumulate 24K pure gold via the online route including fractional quantities. This convenience of anytime and anywhere, secure purchase and sale of the yellow metal is gradually gaining traction amongst the investor community.

You must be wondering why we are so insistent on digital gold! Investment of the yellow metal in the digital form can bring a host of advantages -

  1. The primary reason being no risks are involved with storage, unlike physical gold. A hassle-free and safe storage without any locker charges and threat of theft or loss of gold.
  2. The online acquisition of each gram of gold is backed by an equal measure of physical gold, which can be liquidated at any point of time by selling online at the prevailing market rate of gold.
  3. The democratization of investing in gold allows greater participation by retail investors. One need not to wait until one has built a sizable lump sum in order to buy digital gold. Even with a nominal investment amount, one can be assured of obtaining a certain amount of gold.
  4. Buyers do not have to worry about purity or genuineness as virtual gold is 24K and thus comes with 99.99% purity. Chances of frauds are negated.
  5. It can be easily exchanged anytime and anywhere for physical gold. This flexibility allows individuals looking to convert their digital assets into physical ones.

Virtual gold is a lucrative option for investment and the world is rapidly moving away from traditional physical assets to digital ones. Wherever you are, no matter what amount you wish to invest, digital gold will always offer real time access to market price, quality assurance and safety. Go ahead and experience the joy of making the most of the benefits of investing in digital gold on Digi gold today.