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Gold continues to hold sway across generations in India. Being symbolic of wealth, gold is an all-weather, preferred choice for Indians for both investment purposes as well as personal use. Despite the sky-high prices of gold and alternatives like platinum and diamond being showcased as a more premium choice, the demand for gold jewellery among Indians has never died down. But what if this rapidly increasing market rate of gold holds you back from buying your dream jewellery! Or you are just worried about getting deceived in terms of the purity and legitimacy of the gold jewellery you wish to buy! Well, you need not worry anymore. Digital gold is going to help you overcome these shortcomings and is gradually becoming a popular and convenient method of buying, selling, and investing in gold.

What is Digital Gold?

Digital gold is a new-age investment instrument in India, where you can purchase small fractions of 99.9% pure gold online and sell or redeem it anywhere anytime at the prevailing market price. And helps us overcome all the aforementioned issues of purchasing physical gold.

Why should you consider investing in digital gold?

1. Purchasing digital gold is as genuine a process as buying gold physically. When you buy gold digitally, the gold of equal worth is stored physically in a highly secured vault.

2. You don't need to shell out sums large enough at a time to buy your dream jewellery. Even with a nominal amount, one can be assured of obtaining a certain amount of gold.

3. Buyers can easily liquidate digital gold at any point of time or choose to redeem it in the form of physical units too.

4. One’s money is channelized entirely towards buying gold only, unlike jewellery where one might end up cumulatively paying for semi-precious stones and other valuable components embedded in the ornament.

The digital gold innovation has brought gold within the reach of everyone. So invest smartly and master the golden way towards buying your dream jewellery with the most convenient way of digital gold with its easy application and uncompromised safety features.