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Thinking Of Buying Gold? Senco Digital Gold Is The New Normal

Buying gold is an old age tradition in our Indian culture and the legacy it has been carrying over such a long span that no other precious metal ever did. In addition to serving as a piece of ornament, from time immemorial buying gold on several auspicious ocassions has always been considered as good fortune.

Further, it continues to be a popular means of investment as well. Though times have changed and digitization has taken over the traditional means by so far with an expansive exposure in everything to us, the yellow metal is still one of the nation’s most widely held assets. The trend of buying gold continues but the way people invest has changed significantly after the digital revolution boomed in the gold market too, forming a new type of investment for the new age investors known as “Digital Gold”.

What is Digital Gold?

Digital gold is a virtual method of buying and investing in 24K gold of 995 purity without having to physically hold the gold.

Where to Buy?

Senco Gold and Diamonds, having a legacy in the jewellery trade of over five decades, has introduced mydigigold, a trusted online platform of investing in 24K digital gold with easy gold buying and selling options. Senco digital gold is the safest and easiest means of investing in this precious yellow metal without having any drawbacks unlike physical gold. Let’s see why!

Why to Buy?

  1. Senco digi gold offers investors to buy the amount of gold as small as 0.05 gm making gold available for everyone.
  2. Mydigigold assures the purity 24K digital gold.
  3. This authorized platform ensures online 24K gold buying within the comfort of your home.
  4. Avoid hassle of storage and bank locker charges as the purchased gold will be kept in safe custody with a bonafide custodian by Senco gold.
  5. Easily reedemable. You can sell or reedem your purchased gold anytime at the live market price on mydigigold.
  6. Senco digi gold offers purchasing digital gold with low-risk investment that can make a big difference and help you build an ideal diversified investment portfolio.

Visit to invest smartly, easily and safely in 24K gold with long term profit.